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45 year old partnered with the love of my life, with a 28 year old daughter, 23 year old step-son, 19 year old step-son, 16 year old step-daughter, a 9 year old step-son and a 4 1/2 year old son. I now have 5 male cats and 1 female bunny that I adore. I had to rehome 2 kitties last September and 2 kitties passed away in November so things have been sad this past year. I love contests as I'm sure you can tell. I also love tattoos, looking at other peoples' and getting my own (I've had 17). I met the man of my dreams, living right next door! We plan to get married this year and to homestead within the next 2 years.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surprise Phone Call

My daughter called me tonight just to say hi! You always wonder if there is something wrong at first but she just wanted to chat. It's so nice to hear from her. She lives in residence not too far from home but she doesn't come home much, because being in second year, she has lots of school work. I don't like to call too much because I know that she has lots to do so I wait for her to call me or to come home to visit. This always makes me feel so good and so loved. We don't really chat about anything in particular, just about the furbabies and school, how she's doing and how me and her dad are, if he got his haircut yet...which he didn't and if her girlfriend went home to Cape Breton...which she did today but just to have her on the other end of the phone is so nice. I always tell my friends to enjoy their little ones while they are little because they grow up so fast and then you only chat once in awhile and wait for the...surprise phone calls.

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